The NO Repeat 60's Weekend on Rewound Radio!

All Sixties... with NO repeats all Thanksgiving Weekend
Turn it on and leave it on all weekend!

You'll hear great hits you know... and some you might not.

No song will be played more than once all weekend!

This isn't a made up list that repeats over and over again or starts and stops.
It's continuous, authentic sixties hits that keep rolling along without commercials or repeats.


And you can help now!
It will take over 2000 songs since we're only playing each song once!

Send in your suggestions of sixties songs you would like to hear over Thanksgiving.
The only rule is that a song had to be a bona-fide hit on a hits survey somewhere.

Then.... spend your four day Thanksgiving Weekend with Rewound Radio
All sixties... All the time... No Repeats... All weekend!

It's not how old it is.  It's how GOOD it is!


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Send Rewound Radio a list of 60's songs you want included over Labor Day Weekend
Include the artist and title.
Send as many or as few as you'd like!


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