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Harry Harrison, Allan Sniffen and Phil Boyce
WABC Rewound 2005


It could be argued that the greatest contribution this web site ever made was inspiring the WABC of 1998 through 2009 to re-live its glorious past.  Based on the popularity of his very site, WABC itself decided to bring back airchecks of its top 40 era on Memorial Day for 12 years.  Thanks to former WABC DJ Johnny Donovan (who was then WABC's production director), New York radio historian Peter Kanze, Musicradio77.com's web master Allan Sniffen, former WABC program director Phil Boyce (and others whose names you will see in the links below), WABC remembered itself for more than a decade of Memorial Days.  If ever there was an example of the tail (this web site) wagging the dog (WABC), this was it!

For the most part, we were able to track down new airchecks each year and efforts were made to represent as many of the WABC DJ's as possible.  In many cases the music had to be re-inserted back into the shows since it had been stripped out in the original recordings.  It took a huge amount of work each year.

WABC ceased doing the production in 2010 so Allan Sniffen's "Rewound Radio" took it over.  Thanks to all the airchecks that were collected in those 12 years and to additional airchecks that have since been added, "WABC Rewound" continues every Memorial Day Weekend.  We now have enough airchecks to do three full days of Musicradio WABC every year.  That alone is a testament to the ongoing legacy of "The Greatest Top 40 Radio Station of All Time!".

Below are links that describe each year that WABC itself did WABC Rewound.  Pictures are included as well as the talk shows that took place each year after the shows aired:


Talkradio WABC remembers Musicradio WABC in 1998

As a special, "Talkradio WABC" became "Musicradio WABC" on May 25, 1998 for twelve hours. This web site contributed a number of sound files.  It was so successful in 1998 that look what happened in 1999!

WABC Rewound 1999!

On May 31, 1999 WABC presented "WABC Rewound". Classic Musicradio WABC airchecks were aired as WABC relived its glory days of Top 40 Radio. Allan Sniffen, Peter Kanze and Jon Wolfert contributed to this effort which was created by WABC's Johnny Donovan. It was a great day and this very web site was part of the inspiration for it!

WABC Rewound 2000!

The first WABC Rewound was so successful, WABC did it again in 2000!  Once again, classic Musicradio WABC airchecks were aired on Memorial Day.  There were a number of contributions from this web site as well as form other sources.  This year, thanks to Spencer Morasch, we have pictures!

WABC Rewound 2001!

Now it's a tradition!  WABC's Third Annual Rewound was as much fun as the first two.  Johnny Donovan once again put together some terrific airchecks which took a year to find and restore.  We again have pictures from a great day along with the "Post Rewound Talk Show" which featured Chuck Leonard and Glenn Morgan!

WABC Rewound 2002!

The Fourth Annual WABC Rewound was just as much fun as the first three.   The quality of the recovered airchecks continues to improve and it really felt like Musicradio WABC had returned.  The "Post Rewound Talk Show" featured both Dan Ingram and George Michael!

WABC Rewound 2003!

The Fifth Annual WABC Rewound featured new airchecks and even some vintage commercials.  Johnny Donovan was the guest on the "Post Rewound Talk Show" and told some fun stories about first starting at WABC as well as the amount of work that goes into the production each year.

WABC Rewound 2004!

The Sixth Annual WABC Rewound continued the tradition.  This year was made even more special by a live appearance from Dan Ingram on the "Post Rewound Talk Show"!

WABC Rewound 2005!

The Seventh Annual WABC Rewound.  Has it been that long?  The enthusiasm and the fun keep on coming.  This year Cousin Brucie and Harry Harrison appeared on the "Post Rewound Talk Show"!

WABC Rewound 2006!

The Eighth Annual WABC Rewound.  How about THAT!  More great airchecks and a surprise call from Dan Ingram on the "Post Rewound Talk Show"!

WABC Rewound 2007!

The Ninth Annual WABC Rewound!

WABC Rewound 2008!

The Tenth Annual WABC Rewound!

WABC Rewound 2009!

This year, WABC only featured Rewound as an Internet only download program. 


Since 2010, the tradition of WABC Rewound has continued on Rewound Radio
Most of the airchecks that were featured over the years WABC produced the special are featured as well as additional shows. 
Don't miss it next Memorial Day Weekend!



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