The WABC Musicradio $25,000 Button


The Original:

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This is the famous "WABC $25,000 button". According to Rick Sklar in his book Rocking America, fourteen million of these were distributed throughout the WABC listening area. If you were spotted wearing the button by an "official WABC button spotter" you could win prizes up to $25,000.

A variation of it was later run where the "button" was imprinted on a bumper sticker and license plate numbers were announced of winners who then had a specified period of time to call the station and claim their prize. Here is a real piece of WABC trivia. The only difference between the button and the bumper sticker was that the word "owner"was changed to "wearer". Since it was not possible to "wear" a bumper sticker (at least not possible for most of us) they made this change.

The contest was so successful, that WABC ran it again! 


The Second:

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$25,000 Button Promos (1974)
(courtesy Glenn Morgan)



WABC Program Director Rick Sklar commented in 1982




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