It's Our 23rd Annual "Top Songs" Survey!

And NOW is the time to let us know your favorites!

VOTE for your favorite songs in the 23rd Top 77 of All Time!

This year you can vote for one to as many as TEN songs!

Rank your choices in order, listing your most favorite at #1


The Oldies Message Board & Rewound Radio focus on music from the 50s through the 70s...
But you can vote for any song from any time! 

We have an automatic ballot to make it easy!

Over 30,000 songs are available to vote for from the drop-down menu.
Simply type in the name of the song and our customized program will offer you alternatives of the title and artist.
If your song is not there, instructions are provided at the voting site.

Vote just once.

Duplicate voters and any attempts to “stuff the ballot box” to favor a particular song or act will be disqualified and eliminated so that every voter is equal.

This year's Top 77 will be revealed for the first time on  Rewound Radio on December 26th
and posted to The Oldies Message Board between Christmas and New Year.

The Top 77 plus hundreds of other songs that also got votes will be featured all Holiday Week on Rewound Radio!

Vote today... and tell your friends and colleagues to join in.
It's easy to remember:!

Thanks for being a part of this year's Top 77 of All Time!

--Mike Riccio ( Moderator & "Survey Guy")



Vote Here!!


As in past years, attempts to "stuff the ballot box" will be disqualified.

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