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This Web Site contains one of the most extensive radio music survey collections available anywhere on the Internet.

  The purpose of this page is to give you a single place to start from when looking through the hundreds of surveys available on this site.  By grouping all three New York City radio station links together, you now have an opportunity to compare and analyze them without having to click to separate web sites.

You should bookmark this page and use it as the place to begin when you are looking for information on songs that became hits from 1956 until 1982. 

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WABC Weekly Music Surveys 

From July 9, 1960 until May 4, 1982, WABC was the most
influential music radio station in the United States.
Every single weekly music survey from that era is available.



WMCA Weekly Music Surveys 

The WMCA weekly music surveys from August 1, 1962
until September 16, 1970 are all available here.  In addition,
some of WMCA's earlier surveys from 1957-1961 are also posted.


WMGM Weekly Music Surveys

WMGM was another very influential New York City
radio station in the late fifties and early sixties.
We have its weekly music surveys from 1956
until early 1962 available.



The extraordinary accomplishment of collecting and posting these surveys represents the work of a group we affectionately refer to as "The Survey Guys".   This exclusive group of radio and music fans includes Ken Williamson, Mike Riccio, Randy Price, Tom Natoli, Don Tandler, Gary Pfeifer, and Peter Kanze.  Web Master Allan Sniffen is responsible for formatting and posting these surveys on the Internet.

It took a great deal of dedication and hard work to collect and post these weekly music surveys. 
The philosophy of everyone involved on this project has been to make this information available for free to anyone who has an interest. 
Thanks for visiting and we all hope you find this information useful, interesting and fun!



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