WMCA Trivia and Little Know Facts


Gene Knight contributed the following WMCA info/trivia!

1. When Harry was originally hired (1959) at WMCA, it was as a newsman, not a DJ!

2. When Ruth Meyer was assembling the "Good Guy" line-up, it was up in the air until almost the last moment who would do mornings: Would it be Joe O'Brien 6-10 and Harry Harrison 10-1, or Harry 6-10 and Joe 10-1? Ruth decided on the now famous line-up just before the station went on with the "Good Guys" format!

From the book "Rock 100" by David Dalton & Lenny Kaye (published 1977):

"I Want To Hold Your Hand (the Beatles)-- first aired on WMCA radio at 12:50 P.M., December 29, 1963--was released by Capitol the following January." The book credits WMCA with being the first to air the song that started the British Invasion, and of course "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the #1 song of 1964 on WMCA. (The #1 song of 1964 on WABC? "Hello Dolly.")

WMCA gets its name from the location in NY of one of its earliest studios: The McAlpin Hotel.


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