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WMCA Good Guys History

A history of WMCA's years as a Top 40 Music Radio Station. How it began, what made it special and who was responsible for "The Good Guys"!

Earlier WMCA Rock Radio History

Burt Sherwood with help from Alan Lorber explain WMCA's earlier history when it first became a Rock and Roll radio station prior to evolving into "The Good Guys"

WMCA Airchecks

If you really want to know what it sounded like, here are some samples! Real Audio Player required.

The Individual Good Guys

The great air personalities of WMCA who made up one of the greatest radio teams of all time.

WMCA Jingles

A brief history of the jingle packages used on WMCA during The Good Guy era with over eighty jingles in standard .wav format that you can download!

WMCA Weekly Music Surveys

During its years as a Top 40 Music radio station, WMCA published a weekly music survey based on record sales in the New York City area. We have them all!


A terrific collection of pictures and descriptions of the on air studio The Good Guys used at WMCA. Special thanks to Jay Sclar for contributing these rare pictures!

WMCA Good Guy Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison himself contributed a large collection of pictures and memorabilia about his years at WMCA!

WMCA Beatles Promos

Using typical Good Guy ingenuity and originality, WMCA created some great on air promos which made it sound like The Beatles and The Good Guys were the best of friends!

The WMCA Promotions

From Sweatshirts to Ringo Starr's hair...

GO Magazine

WMCA was the New York radio station that was affiliated with Go Magazine. The magazine/newspaper printed WMCA surveys, publicity pictures and more. We have some excerpts!

WMCA Trivia

Do you know what the "B" in B. Mitchel Reed stood for?

The Good Guys Sing

The famous album recorded by The Good Guys!

Good Guys Songs

The WMCA Good Guys not only sang on a record album but they recorded a whole bunch of songs for the station. These were played regularly over the air and were a unique part of "Fabulous 57"!

WMCA Good Guy Pictures

A few pictures taken of The Good Guys. There's even a picture of Joe O'Brien holding one of those famous sweatshirts!

More WMCA Good Guy Pictures!

Additional pictures taken of The Good Guys along with WMCA promotional commentary.

WMCA Pictures from Gene Knight!

Gene Knight is a huge WMCA Good Guys fan and has contributed some additional pictures and memorabilia to the Good Guys Web Site!

WMCA Good Guys Picnic

One of the most memorable WMCA events ever was the "WMCA Secret Picnic". Pictures included!

The WMCA Air Staff Time Line

Which Good Guy was on when?

The Good Guy Reunion

On July 21, 1980 WMCA held a reunion of The Good Guys! It was a two hour interview with Barry Gray and featured the last known interview with B. Mitchel Reed where he spoke about his days at WMCA.

Other Interesting WMCA Sound Files!

This section is dedicated to other WMCA sound files that have interest.


Special appreciation and thanks go to WMCA Good Guys Ed Baer and Joe O'Brien for their invaluable assistance in creating this website.
Not only did they provide much of the memorabilia on this site but they also contributed their experiences and recollections from those great days of true personality radio.


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Except where otherwise noted, the information on this page is from items I personally collected or heard actually broadcast over many years and represents my personal interpretation and opinion of those events.

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